What to expect in my first session

The first session follows the following format:

  • Fill in a client history form, the purpose of the form is to collect specific information about yourself, your history, pain that you are suffering, how long, where, why, what happened etc.
  • Discussion, you and I discuss in more detail about the nature of your issue and what your goals are.
  • Assessment, generally I ask you to move to illustrate where the movement restrictions are and the painful areas.  I also assess your posture, look for patterns, imbalances, and lastly come up with a plan of attack to make the most impact as quickly as possible.
  • Treatment plan, from the above I formulate a treatment plan to relieve your pain as fast as possible, then to make it sustainable moving forward.

It sounds like a lot but it actually happens fairly quickly as I want to get you on the table in a very timely manner to begin the work.  Education is paramount during the process, I believe in explaining to you the why’s and how’s of the treatment plan, as you can only change what you can see.  I also slowly weave exercizes, typically self release exercizes that easy to do and extremely productive viagra senza ricetta.

The first session is about connecting with you and understanding where you are at and then tailoring a treatment plan to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

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