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Common Injuries Treated

If you are suffering from PAIN, be it, headaches, migraines, neck pain or aching lower back, at KINETIC we have 1000’s of hours of experience treating your condition.

We have a thorough process to resolve long-standing chronic pain.  at KINETIC we treat both the symptom and the cause of your pain.

We break down the reason why you are experiencing PAIN and guide you back to health through our systematic process.

KINETIC is a top Remedial Massage Brisbane clinic, who are striving to raise the level of service in the industry

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Do you sit for long periods?

Sitting at a desk for long periods puts excessive strain through our bodies and quite often PAIN is at the end of the equation.

Posture or lack of can be a major factor as to why you are experiencing PAIN, at KINETIC we focus on restoring postural imbalances, educating and empowering you to make substantial change long into the future.

We understand that there are numerous Remedial Massage Brisbane clinics, and how difficult it is to choose, knowing this we have asked our clients to leave testimonials, of which you can read here.

Hurt yourself at the Gym?

Over the years I have seen many a desk worker that has strained their neck or their lower back as a result of working out.

At KINETIC we piece the puzzle together, assess as to why you are getting tight, why you have a lack of mobility and then create a plan to systematically restore function and balance.

We use cutting-edge Deep Tissue Massage techniques and corrective exercises that are second to none in the industry.

At KINETIC we are an exclusive Remedial Massage Brisbane clinic.

Corrective Exercise