Suffering from Shoulder Pain?

How we resolve Shoulder Pain at KINETIC

Suffering from Shoulder Pain?

At KINETIC we start by conducting a thorough assessment, the assessment consists of assessing your biomechanics, imbalances, weaknesses, and tightness.

Once we understand the biomechanical backdrop we explain in layman’s terms how we are going to resolve your pain

Typically most Shoulder Pain can be relieved and reduced substantially, at KINETIC we use a mix of hands-on techniques and corrective exercises that address both the symptoms and the causes.

How to Treat Shoulder Pain? That is the million dollar question.  We take a bird’s eye view approach, conduct tests, look at the range of movement you have, or don’t have, ask which muscles are overworking and tight and which are under working and flaccid.

Once we have the backdrop that forms the context from which we work.  It is all about the position of the shoulder joint itself, and typically we don’t have great posture which leads to the shoulder joint becoming compromised.

This is poor posture can go undetected or noticed for years until something tips it over, eg. shoulder press at the gym.  The truth be told, the joints need to be looked after, we need both strength and mobility.

If you want to know more or are looking for a Remedial Massage clinic, we could be a good fit.

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How the KINETIC method differs?

At KINETIC we are biomechanical geeks, we understand the structure of the body, specifically how we should walk, sit and stand.  This perspective underpins the way treat all conditions.

PAIN is often at the end of an equation, and the bodies way of putting it’s hand up for help.  For example, shoulder pain is quite often connected to poor posture.

At KINETIC we assess, explain, educate and empower you to become pain-free and move well.