Do you understand your injury?

At KINETIC we help you understand your injury!  We identify the biomechanical imbalances and explain specifically how to resolve the problem.

We see Runners, Triathletes, Powerlifters, Swimmers, Crossfitters, Tennis Players, Golfers and everyone in between.

The common themes with every sportsperson are, their biomechanics are impaired, they are in PAIN, they want to improve their performance.

At KINETIC, we educate, explain, and empower you to move well and PAIN-FREE!

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Corrective Exercise

HIP Pain when running?

At KINETIC we specialize is GAIT analysis, we systematically break down the imbalances and specifically map your GAIT cycle, to improve performance, and decrease PAIN.

Most runners we see have GLUTE issues, we solve that!

At KINETIC we are BIOMECHANICAL geeks, we understand GAIT cycles and we specialize in performance.

If you are struggling with PAIN it is quite often connected to biomechanical imbalances. PAIN is the body putting it’s hand up for help.

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Gym injury?

If you are suffering from a Gym injury we can help podívejte se sem!  In our experience at KINETIC most gym injury result in poor form, going to heavy to quickly, and biomechanical imbalances.

What makes KINETIC different from the rest is, we are biomechanical geeks, we assess your imbalances and explain the ‘what’ and ‘why’.

Once your imbalances are addressed, performance goes through the roof, at KINETIC we are outcome and results focused, to ensure you get the highest quality of care you deserve.

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