Headache Massage Therapist

If you are suffering from Headache and Migraines do you know if it is related to tension in the neck and shoulders?

If you are tight in the NECK, possibly this is connected to your headache https://ed-hrvatski.com/!

At KINETIC, quite often when headache sufferers come to the clinic they say that Remedial Massage generally helps with relieving their headache.

If this you, KINETIC can definitely help!  The difference with KINETIC is we assess why you are getting a tight neck.

What does your posture look like, why is your neck working so hard, what else is going on that is relevant?

Typically if we sit for long periods of time this can make our neck tight and sore, this really is a no-brainer.

At KINETIC we address the causes whilst relieving the symptoms.

How do we do headache?

Through a systematic process, we assess your posture, identify imbalances and explain clearly as to why this is contributing to your headaches.

We use deep tissue massage techniques that address the tight and sore tissues, and specific corrective exercizes to strengthen and engage the body.

At KINETIC we have found the combination of the deep tissue release and specific corrective exercizes to be very powerful and effective.