How long have you had Sciatica?

At KINETIC we specialize in tackling Sciatica!

We use our method to determine your context, we do this by conducting a thorough assessment.

Quite often there are biomechanical imbalances at play, and pain is at the end of the equation.  We not only solve the symptoms but we address the causes, to empower you to stay pain-free long into the future.

Remedial Massage can be very helpful with long term Sciatica sufferers, we have seen this many times over at the clinic.

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Remedial Massage Brisbane

Want to know why you have Sciatica?

Typically there is weakness and tightness or hypertonic and flaccid muscles/soft tissue at play.

  • Weak core (transverse abdomonis TVA)
  • Weak glute max
  • Tight piriformis (deep glute muscle)
  • Weak Psoas (part of the intrinsic core)
  • Tight upper abdominals

This only a very limited snapshot, and is in no way complete, it is simply an example of what can happen in the body.

The point is, there are patterns of imbalance at play and pain is one piece of the puzzle.

We at KINETIC address both the symptoms (PAIN) and the causes (the themes at play)