Do you have an injury?

At KINETIC we deal with injuries day in day out, be it sports, gym or work-related you can guarantee we have had experience getting the result.

The difference is, at KINETIC we identify the patterns at play with the injury.  EG, let’s say you have sprained your ankle and now you are shifting weight to the opposite leg, hence creating a compensation pattern that potentially can cause more issues down the track.


At KINETIC, we aim to get to the root of the problem, identifying the WHY is key to making significant change.

Through explaining and educating we aim to empower our clients to become pain-free and move well.

We can definitely help you!

Do you have Hip Pain?

At KINETIC we understand HIP PAIN very well!  To put it simply there are imbalances at play and typically HIP PAIN is a result of weak muscles eg. Glutes/CORE and tight muscles (due to the body attempting to create stability).

To address the imbalance we need to release tightly adhered tissue and activate and engage muscles that are flaccid and weak.

We will explain, educate and empower you to understand your body, move well and pain-free

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