What is the KINETIC process?

The process at KINETIC remedial massage and corrective exercize starts with understanding your story:

  • We ask specific questions to understand you and your unique situation.
  • We aim to understand you and tailor approach.
  • We perform a thorough assessment to piece the puzzle together
  • We convey and relate to you, to ensure that we are all on the same page.

At KINETIC we treat the causes and the symptoms, we take care of you!

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Back Pain

What makes our process different to other Remedial Massage Clinics in Brisbane?

We understand biomechanics, we tailor our Remedial Massage treatments specifically to your situation.

We take an integrative approach to getting the result.

We are constantly educating, learning, and improving our skills.

At KINETIC we believe that you the CLIENT is the most important thing and we pride ourselves on understanding you, getting to know you, and tailoring our approach to you!

Education and Empowerment

Kinetic is a Remedial Massage and Corrective Exercize clinic, however at the core of our clinic is ‘education and empowerment’.

Our context is LIFE, and equipping you with skills and tools to keep you doing all the things you want to do long into old age infofurmanner.de.

We provide educational videos, ongoing email support, once a client always a friend!

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