If you are suffering from Neck Pain, read more!

Neck Pain?

Do you understand why you have Neck Pain?

Have you seen multiple practitioners?

Are you concerned about your posture?

Do you get headaches? Migraines?

At KINETIC we educate, explain and empower you to become pain-free and move well.

Neck Pain is quite often a result of poor posture and poor biomechanics!

At KINETIC we assess you thoroughly, develop a specific plan to get you out of pain ASAP, then give you tools to maintain long into the future.

Neck Pain can be relieved, solved and fixed in most cases.

We use a mix of Remedial Massage and Corrective Exercise.

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Chronic Neck Pain?

If you sit for long periods more than likely your posture is compromised.

Weak core, slouched and hunched upper back, forward head posture = jammed in the base of the head, OUCH!

At KINETIC not only do we release the tight and sore muscles, we guide and re-build your posture, addressing the causes of the PAIN infofurmanner.de.

If we only release the tissue, we are only addressing half of the problem.

Through instructional videos, ongoing support, we educate and empower you to make tangible changes sustainably into the future.

Crick Neck?

At KINETIC we have literally treated 1000’s of necks and have testimonials to back it up.

Quite often clients we see have seen Neurologists had scan’s and have been cleared of anything sinister, but still have the pain.

There is a lot of research regarding tension in the neck and headaches, in our experience if we can release the neck the headaches resolve themselves in most cases.

At KINETIC, we don’t just fix the symptoms we address the causes as well, this is probably one of the main differences between KINETIC and other clinics, we don’t just perform the same treatment for each client, we tailor specifically to you and your situation.

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