Don't know how fix your problem?

Your accident explained from a biomechanical perspective; The body is very intelligent if your movement is impaired the body will do it’s best to compensate and ‘get the job done’.

The result is survival!  However quite often the compensation patterns start to wreak havoc, muscles becoming tight, fatigued, overworked and painful.

The other issue is, once the accident is well and truly resolved the compensation pattern is now the DEFAULT pattern, with feedback loops that now feedback on themselves, causing dysfunction and pain.

At KINETIC, we assess your biomechanics then construct a plan to unwind the compensation pattern of dysfunction and teach exercizes to re-wire the correct pattern cialis belgique prix.  This is what makes KINETIC unique!

Remedial Massage Brisbane
Remedial Massage Brisbane

Still struggling with WHIPLASH?

In all the years we have been working with clients, WHIPLASH is one that we have 100’s of hours of experience with.

WHIPLASH can plague people long after the accident, in some cases decades.  Re-occurring headaches, migraines and neck pain is very common.

At KINETIC we assess POSTURE from a biomechanical perspective and have found if we restore POSTURE, reducing dysfunctions and imbalances headaches, migraines and neck pain reduce substantially.

We use a mixture of release techniques and corrective exercizes.

We address both the SYMPTOMS and the CAUSES, this is why we are unique.

Have you TORN a muscle, ligament or tendon?

Quite often the compensation patterns that develop whilst the tear is healing or during the rehab process become more problematic than the actual injury.

Simply put, the body’s innate nature is to survive, and if you can’t move your arm, you will move your other arm twice as much, hence making it tight and fatigued in the process אתר רשמי.

To address the body from a biomechanical perspective we must take a bird’s eye view and assess thoroughly to understand the imbalances.

This is what makes KINETIC unique, we look at both the symptoms and causes, we then explain, educate and empower you to move well pain-free.

Remedial Massage Brisbane
Brisbane Remedial Massage