Pain when running? Hip Pain?

At KINETIC we specialize in solving Pain!  If you are suffering from pain in your hip, glute or pelvis we can help

We start by assessing your gait (walking pattern), testing which muscles are weak and which are tight, from that point we explain why you are in pain.

Generally, there are biomechanical imbalances at play and pain is the body saying enough is enough.

If you seeking to resolve your pain and looking to understand how to stay pain-free, maybe we can help.

We use Remedial Massage and Corrective Exercise, and have found this to be a great way to manage and treat Hip Pain

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Why are you suffering from Hip Pain?



To sum it up in layman’s terms, (lose the jargon) and get to the nitty-gritty of why you have Hip Pain, let us explain.

Generally, there are patterns of weakness and tightness in the body, an example could be:

  1.  Weak core, tight lower back
  2.  Weak glutes, sciatic pain (tight piriformis)
  3.  Unstable hips (weakness)
  4.  Tight calves, tight hamstrings

At KINETIC we see themes that repeat through the population, these imbalances quite often result in pain.  We identify, explain and resolve the pain, and teach you how to maintain long into the future.

We use instructional videos, ongoing email support to enable you to make good progress long into the future.

We understand how debilitating Hip Pain can be, and the statistics aren’t that great either.  Typically as we age the chances of developing Hip Pain increase.  The question is how can we be pro-active and be specific when dealing with Hip Pain?

If you would like to know more about how we treat Hip Pain at the clinic, feel free to browse the website, there is loads of information.  Also, we welcome emails or phone calls, we are only too happy to help.

Good luck, hope to hear from you soon.