does remedial massage help with posture?

I have to confess that I am a posture freak, my poor daughter will tell stories to her grandchildren about I bug her day in and day out about sitting up straight, engaging her core, shoulders back, etc.  I could be sipping a late at a cafe and catch myself admiring someone’s posture or feeling ‘queezy’ about someones poor posture.

Poor posture plagues society and because of this fact, there is a wide range of issues as a result.  We are forced to sit early, from school to the office, from the train, to the dinner table, the car to the couch.

Sitting down excessively has a lot to answer for and is one of the main factors associated with poor posture.  Sitting weakens the core, which strains the lower back, it also rounds the shoulders which stresses the mid back, which extends the head forward which strains the neck and the base of the head and the list goes on.

Can remedial massage or deep tissue massage or myotherapy or physiotherapy, chiro, osteo? Can any of the above help with posture?  Of course they can!

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