Best Remedial Massage Therapist in Brisbane CBD

It makes me laugh when I see this title flung around websites on the internet so I thought I would write an FAQ about it.

So who is the best remedial massage therapist in Brisbane?  How can you compare an apple and an orange?  Each person has their own unique story and goals and it depends specifically on you the client and what you want.

I feel that it is so hard to find good people who are good and what they do, whether a plumber, sparky, mechanic, hairdresser and even a Massage Therapist in Brisbane but typically there are qualities that good operators share, such as:

  • Always put the client first
  • Understand and empathize with the client
  • Genuine and honest
  • Extremely good and what they do
  • Humble

There is Massage then there is Massage podívejte se sem!

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