The best part of the job. Happy Clients!

I met Wade recently after having multiple ongoing issues with a muscle injury and recovery. Wade had been recommended to me by a friend in the fitness industry who told me that Wade was a practitioner that would be able to conquer these problems. In two massage sessions, Wade was able to cure an ongoing rib cartilage issue that had haunted me for over two years. He also now keeps me in good working order to sit in a high-stress office during the day, whilst be able to remain active outside of the workplace. I would highly recommend Wade’s services and commend him for his strong knowledge and passion to help others.

Nick W / High Achiever

Highly professional and skilled. I have had good results Frome Wade.


Powerlifter - Awesome Human

Wade is the BEST! I'm so glad I found him. He knows so much about the the human body and always finds the trouble-spots and explains what's going on with your body. He's not one of those massage therapists who has their routine and does the same with everyone that comes along. He's the real deal. If you think you've got some complex issues going on (posturally, bio-mechanically, muscularly), Wade's the guy work out what's going on and help you to sort it out.


Headache Sufferer

I met Wade with ongoing trouble from Plantar Fasciitis. I train across a number of sports and he was able to figure out what muscles were tight and affecting others. From regular massages with Wade and undertaking recommended rolling and stretching homework, I was able to complete two half marathons in a month, all with no trouble from Plantar Fasciitis. I also have an upcoming Olympic distance triathlon, a long time goal of mine and I have Wade to thank for helping me get to the start line.


Marine Biologist / Extreme Athlete

Finding a therapist who is atune to your specific needs can be problematic. There are a tonne of them out there, so how can you be sure you are getting value for money? Results and follow up. I was recommended to Wade by another client. At the time I was seeing another therapist whom I was reasonably content with but am always open to suggestions. I came to Wade with chronic elbow issues which I had been receiving treatment for for some months. Through diagnosis, treatment and remedial exercise my elbow pain is all but gone and the range of movement through my shoulders (which is where the problem lay) has greatly improved. Wade is very knowledgeable and extremely professional in what he does and I would (and have) recommend him if you are having any issues with pain and/or mobility. You will get results. most importantly gets amazing results.


Powerlifter - Awesome Human

I've had 3-4 sessions with Wade over the past few months for a recurring shoulder injury. I've found Wade to be friendly and extremely knowledgeable of his craft. My sessions go over 45 mins and in that time he is able to hit all the trigger points that helps to get greater mobility into my shoulder. Also, if you want chat about the up coming Rugby season or sport in general Wade's the man. Its a good distraction while he's releasing those trigger points.


Kayak Lover - Rugby mad - Top Bloke

Participating in triathlons over the past ten years I can say I have seen my fair share of Massage Therapists, Physiotherapist and Osteopaths. Wade is by far the most impressive to have treated and fixed my injuries. Visiting Wade, you will quickly realise that he has a very comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the human body. This combined with his problem solving abilities ensures he is the first person I call when any niggle or injury occur. Desperate to try anything, I called Wade for an appointment; Wades online reviews looked promising. Whilst my treatment continues, I have felt a improvement in overall mobility and pain. Wade has coached me through my limitations and provided guidance to "self heal" when required. The relief I recieved from weeks of agony was immediate on my first consultation with Wade and I cut my pain killer amount almost immediately. Wade is a professional who takes great pride in his work, I strongly believe the outcome I received was a result of his passion and ability to understand his clients needs. I know that I will struggle with back pain for the rest of my life, however having found a solution in Wade and his profession, I strongly believe I have the ability to not only cope but seek immediate help when I need it most. Thanks again for your help Wade see you again soon.


Runner / Triathlete - Top Bloke

I have seen many therapists with ongoing hip pain due to long distance running. Wade is the first therapist I have seen where I am getting great results in only 3 sessions and I have been able to get back out there running again. Wade definitely knows his stuff and explains everything very clearly and the videos explaining where to place the ball for "at home" pressure point release are great. I highly recommend Wade the Massage Guy. Although I made my appointment specifically to supplement some physiotherapy I was having as a result of injuring my knee during a personal training session, I thought it prudent to disclose that I was having issues with my hip, ankles, shoulder and elbow and more (actually it probably would have been quicker to identify the areas that weren't experiencing pain). Wade was able to work through my long list and identified my hip as the likely cause of my knee pain and the primary area to focus on. In my first visit, Wade spent time using techniques to relax and stretch the affected tissues. I won’t lie and say that there wasn’t some pain attached to the massage but it was definitely a good hurt and the results were instantly noticeable! Wade takes the time to explain exactly what he is doing and what I should expect of the treatment – he says, ‘there must be change’. There’s homework too – Wade has given me the tools to self-release the tension in the affected areas. This, combined with the awesome massages, has allowed me to resume my normal training activities and my lists of affected areas is much shorter now. (By the way - one hour never seems long enough!) Wade is very easy to talk to and his massage techniques work for me. I recommend him to all of my friends.


Crossfitter / Pain sufferer

As visiting Canadians we stopped by for a quick appointment for sacrum, lower back issues. Great service, very knowledgeable practioner - highly recommend.


Travelling Canadians, lowerback pain sufferer

Wade's skills are next level!! The results he achieved for me after just one session, were fantastic. The headaches (migraine & tension) I have put up with for as long as I can remember are now a thing of the past. Highly recommend!


Headache Sufferer

Wade was recommended to me by my personal trainer so from the get go I knew he could be trusted. Wade is great, not because he treats what's bothering you but for the ongoing education and advice he provides. He could have easily kept booking me in for more sessions, but he's committed to the health of the people he treats, so he goes out of his way to send you instructional videos and takes the time to educate you on what you're doing wrong/ what you can change in your every day life etc. to prevent the injury from occurring in the first place. When he sees you he's not just going through the motions, he tailors the treatment to your individual needs. Highly recommend.


Pain Sufferer

Wade is the best massage therapist I have ever come across. He is super professional, knowledgeable and personable. I am a personal trainer in the city and every single client I have referred him to have come out of his treatment feeling 100 x better. Highly recommended!



As a remedial therapist, I can appreciate Wade's skills. He is super intuitive and allows the body to tell him where to go with the treatment. Compared with other practitioners I've come across, I think the the main difference with his approach is the way he looks at the body. He understands biomechanics and knows that each person caries themselves differently which determines their structural integrity. A lot of people may understand this but few take this into account during their treatment. The other notable difference is that he takes his time being very thorough and getting some depth with those elbows and fists which is a big plus for me.


Remedial Massage Expert

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