How to Tennis Elbow?

What are the symptoms of Tennis Elbow and how to treat it?

  • Are you having issues holding or gripping?
  • Have you suffered from tingles or nerve pain in the arm?
  • Is the top of the forearm sore to touch
  • Are you losing strength in the arm?

What are some of the common causes of Tennis Elbow?

  • Repetitive movements, painting, tennis, building, manual labor intensive jobs.
  • Weakness in the arm, in particular, forearm strength
  • Tight and rounded shoulders can impact the elbow joints.
  • Structural imbalances, biomechanical asymmetries
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Tennis Elbow Treatment - Remedial Massage and Corrective exercize

At KINETIC we look at the broader context when treating Tennis Elbow.  We assess movement patterns, postural imbalances, and range of movement.

  • We find that addressing imbalances throughout the body is very effective at treating tennis elbow
  • We use flossing and compression techniques
  • We educate you with specific exercizes to assist in the process
  • Strengthening exercizes are prescribed