Swedish Massage?

Swedish Massage is probably the most commonly known form of Massage.

It is great for reducing stress levels, many studies have been conducted over the years that have shown that receiving Swedish Massage on a regular basis can lower cortisol levels.

Swedish Massage also has been shown to increase blood and lymph flow, improve oxygen levels in the blood and improve flexibility and mobility.

However Swedish Massage is not Sports Massage

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Sports Massage

At KINETIC we are definitely a Remedial Massage Clinic at heart that loves biomechanics, all things movement and helping people get the result אתר רשמי.

However, we do utilize Swedish Massage Techniques as part of our warm when and where required.

Our process, however, is still the same, independent of what techniques we use.

We perform a thorough assessment, we asses your biomechanics, we test your range of movement, and assess any compensation patterns that you have.

Whether it is Swedish Massage, Sports Massage or Remedial Massage, at KINETIC the client comes first and the desired results are the goals of which we work toward.

At KINETIC we are passionate about all things Health and Wellness.  We frequently attend workshops and courses and constantly looking to upskill and improve our skill sets.

If you are looking for a Clinic or Therapists that have your wellbeing at heart, you have come to the right place.

We work hard at providing the highest quality of care, understanding you and your circumstances.   Communicating in a way that is easy to understand, dropping the jargon, and relating in a way that is specific to you.

We provide ongoing support via video and emails, to ensure you get the results now and into the future.

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