The clinic everyone is
Talking about

Are you thinking,
massage near me

Let us tell you about KINETIC, and hopefully, it is not too far from you אתר רשמי.  I’m guessing that you are in Brisbane City and if so, check the footer for our google map, fingers crossed we are just around the corner.

KINETIC is a Remedial Massage and Corrective Exercise Clinic that strives to educate and empower people to become pain-free and achieve their goals.

Sounds lofty we know, but may as well aim for the stars right?

We have a lot of skin in the game, we have worked with the Australian Institue of Sport, the Wallabies, the Broncos, Olympians, Desk workers, Gym Goers and just about everyone in between.

On our website, we have a stack of content, have a browse around, read a few of the testimonials and if you have any questions let us know, we are here to help.

massage Brisbane
Sports Massage

If you have googled, massage near me and we have popped up there is a good chance we are just down the road cialis belgique prix.

Check google maps, and while you are there have a look at our google reviews, or visit the testimonials page here on the website to read what our clients are saying, one of the stories may resonate with you.

It is always good to get some social proof before you put your body on the line.

Still asking yourself, massage near me?

KINETIC is based in the heart of Brisbane CBD, so more likely just around the corner from you.

We are Biomechanic nerds who have great hands.

We use Remedial Massage Techniques

We use Corrective Exercises

We tailor to you

We support you

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge

If you have any questions we would be happy to help.

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