Tight calves? Remedial Massage?

Are you suffering from tight calves, or may have torn or strained your calf אתר רשמי?  In the clinic, we see many runners, athletes, and gym goers that suffer from extremely tight and sore calves.

As per our process, we always conduct a thorough assessment, where we look at biomechanics, gait, and movement patterns, which assist us in understanding your situation specifically.

Have you heard a pop sound in your calf?  Did your calf swells and bruise?  Maybe you may have torn your calf.  Types of tears:

  • Grade 1:  Micro tear, muscle stretched and rehab could be a couple of weeks at best, we can help!
  • Grade 2:  Partial tear, recovery up to 6-8 weeks, we can help!
  • Grade 3:  The worse of the lot, full recovery can take 3-4 months, we can help.

How to treat? read on.

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Do you have a Calf Tear?

I am happy to let you know that the calf will repair itself over time and the torn muscle fibers will fully re-attach once again.

Using ICE immediately can be effective however as the days go by HEAT is preferred, as heat stimulates blood flow and movement cialis belgique prix.  I have found that some gentle trigger point work as part of one’s rehab program can be very effective, specifically rolling the soleus,