What is Bursitis?

What is Bursitis?  The bursa is located in the joint, it is a sack like, and has lubricant inside.  It acts as a shock absorber and allows for the tendons and ligaments to glide and function smoothly within the joint capsule.

Typically in the clinic, I see people suffering from Bursitis in the Shoulder or the Hip, here are some of the symptoms?

  • The pain gradually gets worse over time
  • Quite often the pain is located on the outside of the shoulder itself.
  • Commonly the pain can refer down the arm, into the bicep, causing tingles and sometimes numbness.
  • The shoulder can catch as you raise your arm overhead

In most cases, an MRI is recommended to confirm and diagnose the extent of the injury or damage to the joint.

A skilled Remedial Massage Therapist can assist with releasing tight and stiff muscles and tendons.  Help promote blood flow and improvement movement and function.

Stability exercizes are quite often prescribed to assist with correct movement and range of movement in the joint,.

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