If you are looking for Myofascial Release you have come to the right place

At KINETIC we are passionate about Myofascial Release and have been using Myofascial techniques for well over a decade.  We have studied the technique extensively from some of the leaders in the industry https://ed-hrvatski.com/.

If you want to know more about how it works or why it is different to Sports Massage, read on.

Myofascial Release techniques are very slow and generally applied with no much oil or balm, as this defeats the purpose of the technique.

The aim is to release adhesions in the connective tissue and muscle, tendon, ligaments, promoting blood flow, lymph flow and circulation in the body.

At KINETIC we utilize Myofascial Release Techniques with every single client and have found them to be ‘super’ effective for reducing pain, and increasing mobility.

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If you are looking for Myofascial Release Therapists that have over 10 years experience and 1000’s of hours working on every condition you can think of, KINETIC maybe for you.

What we recommend is to do your homework, have a good browse of the website, read a few of the testimonials and think carefully before deciding what you want to do.

When browsing websites I would be asking myself the following:

  • Does the website look professional
  • Do they have testimonials, google reviews etc.
  • Do they conduct a thorough assessment
  • Do they have a process or method
  • Are they on Social Media, what does their accounts look like, are they active?

It is your body, it is worthwhile doing your homework before deciding who you want to trust it with.