Suffering from Arm Pain?

Remedial Massage is definitely an effective way to treat arm pain, but like most industries where do you start?

At KINETIC we start the process by conducting an assessment with the intention to understand your biomechanics, what patterns are at play eg. do you slouch or arch your back? etc etc.

We believe that understanding the imbalances helps identify the causes.  With that being said we definitely take care of the symptoms also.

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Sharp pain in your bicep?

If you are suffering from pain in your bicep and tried remedial massage without results, please keep reading.

The issue that we see in the industry with Remedial Massage in Brisbane is the lack of biomechanical knowledge to assess to find the causes of the pain.

At KINETIC we have over a decade and 1000’s of hours treating muscoloskeletal¬†problems throughout the general population.

We use a tried and tested METHOD of assessing where the imbalances are to guide us with our approach.

We then tailor a treatment plan specifically to you, to get you out of pain asap.