Have you sprained your ankle?

At KINETIC we assess biomechanics, patterns, and imbalances.

Ankle injuries are quite often associated with biomechanical imbalances, without addressing the imbalance you are only treating half of the story infofurmanner.de.

Through a thorough assessment, we identify the causes of the dysfunction.

We address both the symptoms and causes.

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Have you rolled your ankle?

If you have rolled your ankle read below for a few tips.

  • ICE, use ice sporadically
  • ELEVATE, elevate the leg to reduce swelling
  • HEAT can be used a few days after
  • COMPRESSION can be used as a tool

Head to your local therapist and get an assessment of the damage, make sure they assess your biomechanics to gain a backdrop as to why you have rolled your ankle.

Ankle strain - The road to recovery

At KINETIC after our assessment, we provide a detailed treatment plan that addresses the imbalances, the symptoms, and the pain.

  • Trigger point releases, ball and roller exercizes
  • Activations, Glutes, Core
  • Ongoing support, email, videos

Through our method we guarantee results!

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