What Services does KINETIC provide?

  • At KINETIC our aim is to be the best Remedial Massage Brisbane Clinic! what separates us from the rest?
  • We conduct a thorough assessment, with the goal of identifying the patterns of dysfunction and finding imbalances in one’s structure is key to solving long-standing pain.
  • We believe in educating you so that you understand clearly what is going on, why you are in pain and the path forward, we explain clearly and in layman’s terms.
  • We tailor treatment plans, that are designed specifically to you, with the goal to specifically treat the symptoms and the causes of your pain.
  • We use cutting-edge deep tissue massage techniques that must be experienced to be understood אתר רשמי.
  • We guide you through specific corrective exercises that address the bio-mechanic imbalances, eg. strengthening weak muscles, creating stability in your body is key.
  • Ongoing support, email, instructional videos.

Read further to find out how we plan to become and be the Best Remedial Massage Brisbane Clinic!

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Deep Tissue Massage

At KINETIC we use a blend of Deep Tissue Massage, Myo-fascial release, trigger point therapy and corrective exercizes.

We have over a decade of experience in the industry with 1000’s of hours of hands-on bodies, which equates to quality.

To put it simply there is Deep Tissue Massage, then there is KINETIC.  We pride ourselves on our hands-on techniques and strive to be the best remedial massage Brisbane clinic.

Sports Massage

Over the past decade, we have worked with many an Athlete, ranging from the Wallabies, the Broncos, Olympians, Triathletes, Runners, Tough Mudder competitors, and everyone in between.

At KINETIC we know Sports Massage very well, the difference is we also know Bio-mechanics very well.

We always assess the body to identify the chinks in the armor so to speak to create the context from which we work from.

What muscles are tight?  What muscles are weak?  What does your posture look like?  Why are you in pain?

These are examples of the questions we are asking as we assess you, at the end of the day it is all about getting you out of pain quickly and improving your performance, we do that well at KINETIC.We use a mixture of the following:

  • Trigger point release exercizes, once we know which muscles are tight we then design a treatment plan that will consist of trigger point releases and corrective exercizes.  We demonstrate how to perform the releases and send videos so you have a guide once you leave the clinic.
  • Corrective exercizes, once we understand your imbalances and which muscles are unstable, we will teach specific exercizes to activate and re-engage.
  • We provide instructional videos and ongoing email support, educating and empowering you every step of the way.

Your first session is really about getting to know more about you and what’s going on.

  • We start with a questionnaire, outlining history, etc.
  • We conduct a quick assessment to identify imbalances, dysfunctions etc.
  • We then explain what is going on so you understand clearly
  • Then we tailor a treatment plan to get the result ASAP
  • We provide ongoing support to guide you back to health

The process is simple, we assess to identify the patterns that you are wound up in such as:

  • Slump/Slouch, forward head posture
  • Rotated pelivs
  • Excessive cures in the spine
  • Compressed joints
  • Tight and weak muscles

Once we know exactly what we are working with, we tailor a treatment plan specifically to you to get the result ASAP.

Sports Massage